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ATLANTIS II Motorboat Yacht for Sale

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The Research Vessel "Atlantis II" is world famous for her exploration of the "Titanic".  She was originally built to ABS/Ice Class, U.S Navy specs.  The vessel has recently completed a major re-fit which included servicing and upgrading of all systems and equipment. The vessel is well suited for multi-function roles in the Exploration, research and offshore support sectors of the marine market.

She is equipped with a large tow/troll winch, large deck crane, dive center with professional dive equipment and can be made helicopter-capable. She accommodates 60+ for sleeping. Some of the many noteworthy achievements of her unparalleled history are described in the full specification.

She is well suited for research, survey, expedition, diving, pelagic deep ocean geo-survey, ocean bio research, oil exploration, oil field support, standby, security or hospital.

“Atlantis II” is a special and highly respected, totally proven, all-ocean, all-weather vessel with enormous and wide ranging capabilities. “Atlantis II” could be configured to continue her superlative research career or used as a successful expedition or exploration yacht. Truly a magnificent vessel!

Main Characteristics
Maryland Shipbuilding & Drydock Co
Rosenblatt & Son
Florida - N.E.

Selling price : 1,200,000 € (incl. VAT)