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NEW - SUNSEEKER 155 Motor Yacht for Sale

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Sunseeker's new flagship tri-deck 155 Yacht is now in build, and the first is due to launch in 2014. With a 4500 nautical mile range, this is the first ever semi-displacement, round bilge and long keel hull from Sunseeker. The 155 Yacht takes the concept of series building with personal customization a step further than others, the modular composite build methodology virtually allowing owners a free hand, not just in the interior but also in the design of the actual superstructure.

Renowned for their style, craftsmanship and attention to detail, each room onboard the 155 Yacht is as impressive as the last. To take a closer look at all the refinements and furnishings on display, click on the images shown.

With a top speed of up to 22 knots the 155 Yacht will accommodate up to 10 guests and 11 crew members.

Design Overview :

The Design specifies a composite, three-deck, motor yacht with twin marine diesel engine propulsion, driving fixed pitch propellers through reversing reduction gearboxes. The GRP foam sandwich hull, deck and superstructure, together with all interior joinery and furniture, shall be designed and built to Superyacht industry standards.

Construction methods shall be immensely durable, using materials of the highest quality. The semi-displacement hull form is the result of extensive tank testing, refined by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis. Engine packages may be specified to maximise either speed or efficiency and range. All equipment and fittings shall be selected on the basis of quality, practicality, seaworthiness and durability. During the early stages of specification, it is advised that the Owner/Operator informs Sunseeker of the yacht’s potential operations and where known, the general cruising grounds.

Principal Characteristics :

This vessel is to be designed and built below 500 Gross Tones
Length Overall: 47.25m / 155 feet
Length Waterline @ Normal Half Load: 41.14m / 135 feet
Beam - Maximum Inc. Fender Strake: 9.34m / 30 feet 7 1/2 inches
Draft To Keel @ Maximum Departure Load: 2.25m / 7 feet 5 inches
Draft To Props @ Maximum Departure Load: 2.66m / 8 feet 7 inches
Height from waterline to top of arch: 9.94 Metres / 32’ 07”
Displacement @ Light Load: 270,000 kg / 595250 lbs
Displacement @ Half Load: 295,000 kg / 650365 lbs
Displacement @ Full Load: 330,000 kg / 727525 lbs
Guest accommodation: (10 persons) : taken from sales general arrangement
Main Deck: 1 x Double cabin
Lower Deck: 2 x Double cabins
Lower Deck: 2 x Twin cabins
Crew accommodation: (11 persons) : taken from sales general arrangement
Upper Deck: Captain’s cabin (single occupancy to meet classification requirements)
Lower Deck: Engineer's cabin (single occupancy to meet classification requirements)
Lower Deck: Nine Crew in six cabins
Prime Movers:
Engine propulsion packages have been selected chosen from the MTU Marine
Diesel Engine range.
1. MTU 12V 4000 series M73L 51.7 Litre capacity
2. MTU 12V 4000 series M93L 51.7 Litre capacity
Propulsion method:
Fixed pitch propellers will be used. For full detail see in Section 537.
Power Generation:
Two Generators are specified. For full details see Section 723.
All principal characteristics and specifications are provisional


Tank capacities listed below are provisional:
Tank No’s in brackets ()
Diesel Oil Fuel (1-6) 60,000 Litres (15,850 US Gals)
Fresh Water (1-5) 13,765 Litres (3,636 US Gals)
Black Water (13) 2,000 Litres (528 US Gals)
Grey Water (12) 5,000 Litres (1321 US Gals)

Clean Lubrication oil (17) 600 Litres (159 US Gals)
Dirty Lubrication oil (18) 600 Litres (159 US Gals)
Bilge Water Holding Tank (14) 600 Litres (159 US Gals)
Sludge Tank (15) 600 Litres (159 US Gals)
Black Water Sludge (16) 600 Litres (159 US Gals)
Hydraulic Oil 130 Litres (34 US Gals)
Tank senders will be supplied in all tanks and will be displayed on the vessel monitoring sys-tem (VMS).


Performance figures are based on a clean and serviceable antifoul hull surface and propellers matched for a half load displacement of 295 tonnes with main engines operating at around 98% their nominal rated power - see section 537. Shaft, propellers and underwater appendages shall be free from underwater growth.
Maximum speed will be achieved in calm conditions at half load in UK waters.
Maximum Range quoted below at 10 knots with all tanks full at departure and with one 155 kW generator operating at 65% average load consuming 30 lph:
Option 1
MTU 12V 4000 Series M73L Power output 2160 kW (2895BHP) at 2050 RPM.
Maximum Speed = 18.0 to 20.0 knots
Range = 4000 Nautical miles at 10 knots
Option 2
MTU 12V 4000 Series M93L Power output 2580 kW (3460BHP) at 2100 RPM.
Maximum Speed = 20.0 to 22 knots
Range = 4000 Nautical miles at 10 knots

The above values for range and speed are subject to the final customer specification which may have an affect on the vessel displacement. The yachts performance will be recorded by the builder during sea trials in Poole Bay prior to hand-over.
The speeds and ranges are based on conservative predictions from the model tank test in-formation.

Tender Garage Arrangement :

The main tender garage will be a transverse garage arrangement designed to accommodate a diesel engine powered tender with dimensions:
6.5m(L) x 2.65m(B) x 1.35m(H) to be under 1650kgs when fuelled,
Stored transversely with bow on the starboard side and positioned against the aft bulkhead, this arrangement will give a corridor (approx 1000 mm) to access the engine room and for further stowage of water sports equipment.
As a Client option, the garage can be designed and built to store petrol powered.
Please refer to section 748 for further information.
Tender Launch:
The hull garage door will be top hinged and operated hydraulically and in its closed position the door will be fastened by multiple hydraulic locking pins.
An emergency manually operated closing system will be supplied with the vessel as part of the system in order to satisfy Class and safety requirements.
The tender will be launched and recovered using an overhead crane exiting the starboard side of the hull.
The tender will be supported by a cradle capable of holding the vessel fully laden when stowed

Navigation, Communications & Entertainment :

The navigational and communication equipment listed represents an estimate of the type and quantity that shall be installed. Items identified below are part of the standard naviga-tion communication package. Any additional equipment required will be quoted for. Models listed are correct at time of specification and these items may be replaced depending upon availability and replacement by newer models.
The standard specification comprises:
Radar :
Twin Radar System:
Radar 1: Furuno FAR 2127BB 25Kw 8' Open Array. X-Band 96NM
Connected to 19" TFT display
Radar 2: Furuno FAR 2117BB 12Kw 6.5' Open Array. X-Band 96NM
Connected to 19" TFT display.
Central Navigation Display:
Solid state Marine PC controlling speed, depth and wind transducers, controlled via
PS2 roller ball mouse connected to 19” TFT display in Wheelhouse.
To Display the following information:
- Water Depth
- Boat speed through Water
- Water Temperature
- Wind Speed
- Wind Direction
- Air temperature
- Barometric pressure
- Boat position
- Speed over ground
- Course over ground

Chart Plotter:
Rugged Marinised PC for chart plotting software, controlled via PS2 roller ball mouse
connected to 19” TFT display in Wheelhouse.
Fitted with: Transas Navi-Sailor 3000 Software
Echo Sounder
Furuno FE700 Echo Sounder (200kHZ) with display in Wheelhouse. NMEA
interfaced to Central Navigation Display (CND)
Speed Log
Sperry Naviknot speed log. NMEA interfaced to Central Navigation Display.
Auto Pilot
Simrad AP80 Autopilot system, interfaced to Satellite Compass with display in
Wheelhouse. A Simrad RF45X shall be fitted for rudder feedback. A Simrad QS80
pilot control will also be fitted in close proximity to the helmseat.
Gyro Compass
Simrad GC85 with analogue repeater in wheelhouse
A Satellite Compass including antenna and processor unit is fitted with it's own display in the Wheelhouse.
A Manual Ritchie compass with 6” card shall be fitted in the Wheelhouse.
Furuno GP150 12-channel GPS interfaced to Navigation PC, Central Navigational
Display (CND) and Radar with independent display
Furuno NX700B
Furuno FA150

Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)
A Furuno BR500 BNWAS Unit will be fitted with display on the console.
Long Range Identification & Tracking (L.R.I.T)
A long range identification and tracking module will be fitted on board.
One off combined located in Wheelhouse.
Air Horn
One off ‘Kahlenberg’ D2 Air Horn with KA500 Air Compressor locally mounted.
Thru hull transducers to be located forward of the engine room compartment.
Also see 820 Communication equipment for details of: VHF, Handheld VHF, Sat C
system, Navtex, EPIRB and SART.

Communication Equipment :

Items identified below are part of the standard communication package. Any
additional equipment required will be quoted for. Models listed are correct at time of
specification and these items may be replaced depending upon availability and
replacement by newer models.
Satellite System
One off KVH V7 mini V-Sat Broadband service connected to onboard PABX
telephone system shall be fitted as standard.
Telephone System
Internal PABX telephone system, comprising fixed handsets in all guest cabins, saloon, wheelhouse, crew mess, captains cabin, engineer's cabin and galley. Two shore line inputs shall be provided, 1 x Phone and 1 x Fax both of which shall be connected to the PABX.

Sailor 6300 MF/HF Radio.
Primary VHF - Sailor RT5022 VHF DSC Primary Radio Telephone
Secondary VHF/Internal Intercom - Simrad RS87 DSC VHF system with four
handsets. Simrad handsets shall be located in the following areas:-
Crew Mess
Emergency Steering Position
Stern garage.
Emergency Radio Beacon
1x McMurdoh (or equivalent) Float free EPIRB unit
1x McMurdoh (or equivalent) Search & Rescue Transponder S.A.RT
2x McMurdoh Handheld VHF Radios
1x 3G Antenna
All associated aerials for above listed equipment.
1 x Loudhailer horn shall be connected to the Simrad RS87. Final location dependent
on General Arrangement.
Satellite subscriptions, air time agreements and service

General Arrangement :

The interior design of this yacht promotes the latest Sunseeker International interior styling. The design combines classic and recognisable details to suit individual client tastes. The pri-mary objective is to create a styling specific atmosphere utilizing signature details and mate-rials that best represent true luxury and comfort.
In order to achieve this the design criteria is to accentuate the feeling of space, using light, textural materials and intelligent planning. Ultimately, the interior design considers both the physical needs together with the emotional experience, promoting the feeling of well-being.
The specification of materials and finishes will be to Sunseeker Super Yacht standard and will be consistently incorporated to enhance the quality of the interior design. Each design ele-ment is considered to achieve a seem-less flow within the yacht. For this reason there is con-tinuity in the architectural details designed with the understanding that each customer may have a requirement to personalise the interior. (This can be achieved in the individual selec-tion of soft finishes, accessories and certain lighting elements.)
Generally, all of the interior finishes will be natural. Lacquered timber, hard woods, stone finishes and leather all designed to further accentuate the sensation of luxury.
All of the interior finishes will bear in mind durability, therefore soft finishes on bulkheads will be carefully specified to ensure ease of maintenance and cleaning.
Main Characteristics
2 X MTU 12V 4000 M93L 51.7 L
Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP)
150L/h @ 10knots
According to the country

Selling price : upon request