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RAPTOR Motor Yacht for Sale

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This fascinating yacht designed by Ken Freivokh is the most exciting project now on market, waiting for a lucky owner to enjoy this experience.
The choice of a shipyard will be discussed with the future owner but all the package of plans, specifications, innovative ideas and options is here.

With a hull optimised for maximum efficiency at displacement speeds, this is a project which takes glass technology to a new level. Major window openings totally bring the landscape into the interior, and such transparency does not stop there, as similar transparency is achieved between the decks, at the multi-level atrium, even at the bulwarks, where glass has replaced the traditionally closed in metal bulwarks, ensuring that amazing views out are available even from the lowest of deck recliners. A true penthouse afloat.

Another Freivokh project where the owner enjoys a full private deck, yet all guest amenities are fully preserved.
Main Characteristics
Free choice of the future owner
Ken Freivokh Design
According to the country

Selling price : upon request